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Toopy and Binoo is an animated series for preschoolers based on the popular books created by Dominique Jolin. Toopy is a funny, friendly, optimistic, impulsive mouse whose insatiable zest for life is matched only by his love for his best friend, Binoo. He is a lovable cat who is logical, sensible, and thinks before he acts. Binoo is devoted to his best friend Toopy. The characters are charming and endearing. The kindness, respect, and gentle aspects of childhood friendship are emphasized as the friends explore and discover the world around them with their colorful adventures.

Toopy and Binoo premiered in 2006. It has become a classic Canadian preschool brand with consistent top-10 placement on Treehouse TV and Télé-Québec. It is a gender-neutral property and preschool children are mesmerized by the charismatic characters…kids everywhere love Toopy and Binoo!!! The episodes are entertaining and funny and the series encourages children to be well mannered, friendly and imaginative.

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