The movie

Toopy and Binoo the movie!

After an escalation of blunders, Toopy and Dorothy, a comical genie, accidentally make Binoo’s beloved stuffed animal, Patchy-Patch, disappear. The trio immediately set out to find the fabulous land of “The Lost and Found” where Patchy-Patch is surely to be found. Along the way, the little group meets twin seagulls looking for their father, and a Magnificent Princess who has lost her dance partner. Together, and despite Toopy’s bumbling ways, they will try to find Patchy-Patch and their lost loves.

Written and directed by Dominique Jolin and Raymond Lebrun, with the voices of Frank Meschkuleit, Lucinda Davis, Claudia Besso, Chimwemwe Miller, Brett Schaenfield, Matthew Kabwe, Daniel Rindress-Kay and Dawn Ford.



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